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Publicaciones 2019

Gutiérrez-Praena D, Guzmán-Guillén R, Pichardo S, Moreno FJ, Vasconcelos V, Jos A, Cameán AM.
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Toxins 11, 624, 2019.
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In vivo genotoxicity evaluation of Cylindrospermopsin in rats using a combined micronucleus and comet assay
Food and Chemical Toxicology 132, 110664, 2019.
Diez-Quijada L, Prieto AI, Puerto M, Jos A, Cameán AM.
In vitro mutagenic and genotoxic assessment of a mixture of the cyanotoxins Microcystin-LR and Cylindrospermopsin
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Medrano-Padial C, Puerto M, Moreno FJ, Richard T, Cantos-Villar E, Pichardo S.
In vitro Toxicity Assessment of Stilbene Extract for Its Potential Use as Antioxidant in the Wine Industry
Antioxidants. 9; 8, 2019.
Diez-Quijada L, Puerto M, Gutiérrez-Praena D, Llana-Ruiz-Cabello M, Jos Á, Cameán AM.
Microcystin-RR: Occurrence, content in water and food and toxicological studies. A review
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Hinojosa MG, Prieto AI, Gutiérrez-Praena D, Moreno FJ, Cameán AM, Jos Á.
Neurotoxic assessment of Microcystin-LR, Cylindrospermopsin and their combination on the human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cell line
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Hinojosa MG, Gutiérrez-Praena D, Prieto AI, Guzmán-Guillén R, Jos Á, Cemán AM.
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Diez-Quijada L, Prieto AI, Guzmán-Guillén R, Jos Á, Cameán AM.
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Placental levels of metals and associated factors in urban and sub-urban areas of Seville (Spain)
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 54, 21-26, 2019.
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Preservation of phytosterol and PUFA during ready-to-eat lettuce shelf-life in active bio-package
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Catunescu GM, Troncoso AM, Jos A.
Risk assessment methodologies in the field of contaminants, food contact materials, technological ingredients and nutritional risks
EFSA Journal 2019;17(S2):e170911. Revista de la Autoridad Europea de Seguridad Alimentaria, de referencia en el ámbito de la seguridad alimentaria.
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Safety assessment of a lyophilized biomass of Tetraselmis chuii (TetraSOD®) in a 90 day feeding study
Food and Chemical Toxicology 133, 110810, 2019.